went out to a david lynch foundation party last nite.  good vibes.  thinking about my fave tree, today.


some monday doodles

inevitably there is much je ne sais quoi around those mondays 😉  couple doodles-past for your enjoyment x

oct3 monday

the busy trap

i read this piece by tim krieder 4 years ago, THE BUSY TRAP, and i always and forever come back to it.  tim, homie, you’re a genius.  x

the amethyst…

lil dude from my sketchbook.  coming soon to theaters near you.  no acorns allowed 😛



#momlife 😉 x from my sketchbook



i was supposed to go out tonite to support my girl beca at her DJ gig, but i had a monster cold.  so i did a fun little sketch of her instead complete with an emoji spirit animal 😉 see those feet in the background?  live from my “duvet” art studio, lol.  love you B! xx



today, missing new york and all the familiar and unfamiliar faces in it…  on instagram i came across this cool gal and her rainbow bagel… geotagged in my old brooklyn hood.  had to add her to Le Sketchybook.  there’s a light in your eyes marina, babe.  x


about that new parent life ;)

from my sketchbook x


letting loose

usually my hair’s pulled back, or under a hat, because it’s such a bother taking the time to style (especially with toddler in tow and so many other priorities – and i’m beyond mid thirties, so… hair needs help).  once a month i either spend the time or the $ to let it down.




from my beautiful, imperfect garden to yours: peace.